Küchenprofi awakens the desire to cook, brings imagination and exciting recipes to the stove, encourages your own creative compositions, opens up new, unknown culinary worlds, makes the familiar extraordinary and successes commonplace.
With products from Küchenprofi, you can celebrate cooking events in your own home, with friends in a group or simply as a couple.


With the colorful molds and pots, Küchenprofi brings color into everyday kitchen life. The articles made of high-quality ceramics are ovenproof, microwaveable and ideal for storage in the refrigerator. Thus, they are true all-round talents, because they also cut a good figure on the laid table. The practical helpers are odorless and tasteless and optimally suited for gratinating and gratinating.

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Küchenprofi - Pot set SAN REMO 5 pcs.
The SAN REMO pot set consists of: 1 x meat pot with glass lid; 16 × 8.5 cm / capacity: 1.25 L 1 x meat pot with glass lid; 20 × 11,5 cm / capacity: 3,0 L 1 x meat pot with glass lid; 24 × 13,5 cm / capacity: 5,5 L 1 x frying pot with glass lid; 20 × 9,5 cm / capacity: 2,5 L 1 x saucepan with glass lid; 16 × 8,5 cm / capacity: 1,25 L The pot body is made of 304 stainless steel (18/10). The bottom of the pot is encapsulated with 430 stainless steel (18/0) and has a 3.0 mm thick aluminum core. Suitable for all types of stoves Extra strong multilayer bottom Safety glass lid Heat insulating handles With practical inner scale Material: stainless steel/glass

Küchenprofi - aroma roaster / steamer, rectangular 36 cm
Roasting, braising, stewing, steaming more taste thanks to aroma button Including induction and the oven. Dishwasher safe Material: stainless steel Dimensions: 42 x 27 x 16 cm (with lid and handles) Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 10 cm (inside dimensions without lid) V= 6 L Küchenprofi (kitchen professional) - The brand for high quality kitchen accessories combining timeless design and high functionality with. Küchenprofi sets the focus on the requirements and demands of the consumer. Our products make feel like cooking!

Küchenprofi - meat pot SAN REMO
The SAN REMO meat pot from KÜCHENPROFI is as versatile as your creations. In addition, the all-rounder is solidly made and well thought out from lid to base. The lid with heat-insulating handles is made of sturdy safety glass, so you always have your food in view. The practical inner scale saves the measuring cup. The extra strong multi-layer bottom distributes the heat evenly to the last corner. Of course, the flexible meat pot is suitable for all types of stoves, including induction. extra strong multilayer bottom with practical inner scale for all types of stoves including induction Material: stainless steel, glass 

Variants from €44.99*
Küchenprofi - Universal lid COOK
The saying is made for him. You know: every pot finds its lid. The universal lid from KÜCHENPROFI has a graduated shape and therefore fits cookware of different diameters. With its tight-fitting silicone rim and steam outlet, the universal lid is ideal for energy-saving cooking. It is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, so you always have a clear view when cooking. heat-resistant borosilicate glass suitable for different diameters tightly closing, with steam outlet material: borosilicate glass, plastic, silicone heat resistant up to 250 °C with tightly closing rim size: 20 cm: for cookware from Ø 16 - 20 cm         24 cm: for cookware from Ø 20 - 24 cm         28 cm: for cookware from Ø 24 - 28 cm

Variants from €19.99*
Küchenprofi - frying pot SAN REMO
The basis for delicious dishes are your ideas and the right accessories. The roasting pot from KÜCHENPROFI is the ideal basis for your creations and guarantees great cooking pleasure thanks to the robust workmanship. The glass lid allows for practical visible cooking. The extra-strong multi-layer base provides even heat distribution for perfect cooking results and is suitable for all types of stoves, including induction. extra strong multilayer bottom with practical inner scale for all types of stoves including induction safety glass lid capacity: 2,5 L Material: stainless steel, glass

Küchenprofi - oven glove APOLLO
He has a clear mission: to protect your hands. To this end, KÜCHENPROFI sends its oven glove APOLLO into the world. It is made of soft, skin-friendly cotton with a heat-insulating coating on the outside. The shiny shell looks spacey and keeps down-to-earth heat out when you pull that hot baking sheet or cake pan out of the oven. The glove is generously cut and also suitable for strong men's hands. It's best to buy a second pair right away as a subtle hint that your sweetheart can lend a hand, too. for the oven available in different colors material: cotton size: 37 cm x 17.5 cm


KÜCHENPROFI - since 1923

With KÜCHENPROFI, the fun of cooking begins with the preparation! The Solingen-based family business has been fulfilling this claim since 1923.
Professional and amateur chefs and everyone who loves good food will find an extensive and versatile range of products, from basics such as
whisks and peelers to truffle slicers and lobster forks for special occasions.

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