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Küchenprofi - Sale

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Equip your kitchen with Küchenprofi cookware and kitchen gadgets for culinary adventures.

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Küchenprofi - Cake ring adjustable, round - BAKE Küchenprofi - Cake ring adjustable, round - BAKE
Küchenprofi - Cake ring adjustable, round - BAKE
Stack up times! With the extra high cake ring BAKE by KÜCHENPROFI, complex creations come in shape. On the handles, you can adjust the diameter continuously from 16-30 cm, the practical inner scale will help you. A cake with mocha cream and coffee-soaked chocolate floors, decorated with chocolate icing and fresh coffee beans, inspires the family and dear guests. Tip: After filling, keep the cake cool for about 30 minutes before removing the cake ring. Then nothing slips when decorating. When the gem is finished, the cake ring can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Material: stainless steel Length: 16 cm Width: 16 cm Height: 15 cm with handles for stepless adjustment of the diameter from 16-30 cm ideal for high cakes with practical inner scale infinitely adjustable   Küchenprofi (kitchen professional) - The brand for high quality kitchen accessories combining timeless design and high functionality with. Küchenprofi sets the focus on the requirements and demands of the consumer. Our products make feel like cooking!

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Küchenprofi - Decorating spoon, set of 7
Küchenprofi - Decorating spoon, set of 7
Delicate vines, imaginative flowers, loving messages - turn the plate into a canvas! This succeeds with the KÜCHENPROFI decorating spoon. Simply pick up some sauce from a small container, place the tip of the spoon on the plate and glide it over the porcelain. Hearty arcs of sauce crown fish or meat, while a squiggle of wasabi paste turns a sushi platter into a work of art. Desserts get the star look in an instant with ornaments of caramel and chocolate sauce. And a heart made of strawberry sauce says more than a dewy word. Tip for stylish meals in larger groups: serve each guest the appetizer on a plate with his name and look forward to the surprised faces. consists of: 4 decorating rings, 2 decorating spoons, 1 trigger, 1 recipe book. fill food into the rings, release, decorate on plate, serve length: 18.9 cm width: 2,7 cm height: 1,3 cm Ø: 9,8 cm weight: 0,445 kg material: plastic

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