Küchenprofi - Grill basket STYLE, long BBQ

Küchenprofi - Grill basket STYLE, long BBQ - extra-long basket made of sturdy stainless steel to cook asparagus, carrots, leeks and more.


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Product number: 41563
Manufacturer: Küchenprofi GmbH & COKG
Manufacturer number: 1066592829
Product information "Küchenprofi - Grill basket STYLE, long BBQ"

Promise, we won't tell anyone. When the STYLE BBQ grill basket from KÜCHENPROFI hits the table, even die-hard steak fans will go weak.
In the extra-long basket made of sturdy stainless steel, asparagus, carrots and leeks cook just as gently as broccoli florets, bell pepper strips, mushrooms, tomatoes and other vegetables. The flavor and bite of the colorful mixture are preserved, nothing rolls off the grill.
By the way, fruit also looks great on the grill. Fill peach halves with crumbled Amarettini and a blob of cream cheese, line the vegetable basket with aluminum foil and place the golden fruits inside. Yum!

  • ideal for vegetables
  • extra long
  • Size: L 29,5 cm W 13 cm H 8,8 cm
  • Material: robust stainless steel

Küchenprofi (kitchen professional) - The brand for high quality kitchen accessories combining timeless design and high functionality with. Küchenprofi sets the focus on the requirements and demands of the consumer.

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